Florence, la salle secrète de Michel-Ange ouvrira au public à partir de 2020

Sous les Chapelles des Médicis, Buonarroti trouva refuge pendant quelques mois pour échapper à la vengeance des Médicis. Et sur les murs,  Michel-Ange a conçu ses projets. Maintenant, il y a un plan pour le rendre visible pour tout le monde, dans deux ans.

French artist Guillaume Bottazzi paints Brussels mural

French artist Guillaume Bottazzi paints Brussels mural for a 'frustrated, fragile' Europe

French artist Guillaume Bottazzi has been creating a vast mural in honor of the victims of the Brussels attacks. On a break from his work high above the EU quarter, 
he told DW about his project.

Bottazzi Bruxelles art place Jourdan

Music Lesson Enhance

Music Lessons Enhance IQ by E. Glenn Schellenberg
The idea that music makes you smarter has received considerable attention from scholars and the media. The present report is the first to test this hypothesis directly with random assignment of a large sample of children (N = 144) to two different types of music lessons (keyboard or voice) or to control groups that received drama lessons or no lessons. IQ was measured before and after the lessons. Compared with children in the control groups, children in the music groups exhibited greater increases in full-scale IQ. The effect was relatively small, but it generalized across IQ subtests, index scores, and a standardized measure of academic achievement. Unexpectedly, children in the drama group exhibited substantial pre-to post-test improvements in adaptive social behavior that were not evident in the music groups.